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Adventure Tow, Towing Tips, Lightweight Camper Trailer Rentals
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Adventure Tow, Towing Tips

All The Towing Tips You Need To Tow Safely

You’ve made the decision to rent an Adventure Tow camper trailer, now it’s time to understand your requirements for towing. Below are the basic requirements plus some towing tips to tow your camper trailer safely.

  1. You will need a vehicle that has a towing capacity of at least 1,000 lbs
  2. The vehicle will need a “Class 1” hitch with a 2 inch receiver
  3. You will need a 2 inch ball mount (or we can supply one for a small fee)
  4. A standard 4-Flat Wiring Harness (to connect the brake, turn and tail lights on the trailer)

If you do not have a hitch on your vehicle, you can order and have one installed at Uhaul or purchase one online and install it yourself or at a local car shop.

You can also rent trucks from Uhaul  and Enterprise that have hitches and are ready for towing your AdventureTow trailer.

Towing Tips:

Towing a trailer can be fun and easy, but requires an additional amount of precaution while driving, especially when changing lanes, turning corners and backing up.

Changing Lanes: In general, while towing a trailer, you will want to be moving at the minimum speed limit and avoid passing, or changing lanes as much as possible. If you need to pass or change lanes, it is critical that you give yourself even more space than you feel is required. Keep in mind that you will have over 10 extra feet behind you, and that you will want to give yourself more space between cars than normal for braking. Once you have confirmed that there is plenty of space for making the lane change, gradually shift into the other lane. If you jolt the trailer quickly, you risk “fishtailing” or sending your trailer into a wobble. This can also happen when a large semi truck or vehicle passes you, as it can create a push of air as it approaches the trailer, followed by a negative suction of air as it passes.

Turning A Corner: Unlike in a normal turn, when you have an extra 8-12 foot trailer behind you, you will need to make wider more controlled turns. For example, if you are turning right at a corner, you will want to swing out further than you normally do, before cutting right. This will help prevent the wheels of the trailer from running over the curb of the corner, which happens when you take tight turns while towing. Here is a good link to a trailer towing guide and

Backing Up: Getting you AdventureTow Trailer neatly backed up into a campsite will be much easier if you take your time and freshen up on some basic trailer tips. The key is patience and preparation. There is a great diagram of backing up a trailer on wikiHow

Or check out the very humorous article on backing up a trailer “Like A Man”

The main thing to remember is that while in reverse the trailer will turn in the opposite direction from which you are turning the steering wheel. If you turn too aggressively, or do not give yourself enough space to back in, you can run the risk of “jack-knifing” the trailer which can cause damage to your vehicle and the trailer. Here is a good video tutorial on backing up a trailer

Speed: Remember that while towing a trailer you will want to keep your speed under control, especially in windy, icy, or wet conditions. The trailer can start to wobble, shake or slip if you are going too fast or traveling in poor conditions. Always trust your instinct if you feel that the trailer is reacting in this manner at higher speeds. Slow down, drive in the right lane, or pull over to ensure the trailer is connected properly, packed right, or need to wait out bad weather. You also want to give yourself more space between yourself and vehicles in front of you, as your brake time will be reduced.

Packing: When packing the trailer, you will want to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed from side to side, as well as making sure to not have the heaviest items packed rearward (behind the axle), or on top (top-heavy). Having a poorly packed trailer can cause instability, wobbling or fishtailing while driving, especially in windy/gusty conditions or at higher speeds.

We hope you found these Adventure Tow Camper Trailer Rental Towing Tips useful. Now go out and have an adventure!

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