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Curt Gowdy, Adventure Tow Camper Trailer Rentals
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Curt Gowdy

Howdy From Curt Gowdy!

Curt Gowdy Mountain Biking

Curt Gowdy State Park is a shining example of how a park system can work hand in hand with recreational/advocacy groups and the public to create an incredible outdoor recreation experience for multiple types of users. I might be partial because I’m a mountain biker, and the IMBA designed trails are as good as it gets……….but I also enjoy fishing, hiking and just plain relaxing while on my trip. Curt Gowdy did not disappoint!

We reserved a campsite and found out more details about our stay at the official state park website here: CURT GOWDY SATE PARK DETAILS and rolled up in style in our Adventure Tow trailer with my new Cannondale Trigger 29’r on the bike rack. This marked the maiden voyage on my new ride and I wanted it to be memorable. I couldn’t have asked for better weather and trail conditions.

Curt Gowdy

My new Cannondale Trigger 29’r ready for some single track!

Some of the trails were closed due to an Archery Tournament (another testament to the parks diversity of users), so I chose to ride up to Hidden Falls via the Crow Creek trail. I did not take a photo of the falls as it is hidden and can only be seen by those that actually make the hike to see then in person:) But I can say they were beautiful, and dipping my feet and washing my face in the freezing cold water was just what I needed to rejuvenate for the next section of riding.

I bumped it up a notch and took the Mo’ Rocka traile to the Skin n’ Bones “Play Area”. One of the great design features to Curt Gowdy State Park is the different Play Areas, that allow riders to test their skills, try new obstacles, and well, play on their bikes. So much of the time when riding I’m just focused on getting from point A to B, but these play areas force me to get off the bike, explore and push my comfort zone a little on the terrain. After “play time” was over, I continued down Mo’ Rocka, which has to be one of my favorite trails so far at Curt Gowdy. Great sections of granite slickrock terrain, good flowing turns and amazing scenery.

I finished up the day by riding the Granite Ridge trail, before cracking open a cold fizzy beverage back at the Adventure Tow trailer. I took a short nap, while waiting for my girlfriend and her best friend Moose to come back from their hike up to Hidden Falls.


Curt Gowdy

Moose, the greatest dog on Earth

We packed up a quick lunch and headed over to the lake where we all went for a swim, including Moose, who looked like a 150 pound sea otter swimming around. All in all, I could not recommend Curt Gowdy State Park more. There’s a little something for everyone, close drive from Denver, Fort Collins or Cheyenne, and guaranteed to satisfy the inner-adventurer.

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