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StrongVolt Solar 7 Review

StrongVolt Solar 7

The good folks over at StrongVolt supplied us with this awesome little compact solar charger. Now, I myself feel that when you’re outside, it’s time to unplug from the mighty interweb, turn off the I-phone (unless there’s a great photo opp of a Marmot wrestling a Beaver), and be one with nature. BUT, I am also someone who always forgets their charger, or burns down the battery accidentally while hiking or skiing all day, and then I can’t make a work call. I’m also into settling down in the Adventure Tow camper trailer with a good book on the kindle……..which also always seems to be low on battery at the most inopportune times. Enter the Solar 7, StrongVolt’s simplest and most compact solar charger, that can easily clip onto the outside of your backpack, your trailer, tent, etc.

What I loved about this charger is how simple it is. I just opened it up, did not need to look at the directions (not even sure it came with any), because it’s just that simple. Plug your charger into the USB port, turn the switch and you get a green light when the panels are receiving enough sunlight to charge your device, and you get a redlight when there isn’t enough sun.

Green Light Means Go

Green Light Means Go


The whole thing folds up easily (although with the little carabiners it doesn’t sit flat), and fits into the glove box for your next adventure. The intent of this product is for campers, backpackers, etc that don’t have a power source and need to use their I-Phone, I-Pad or Kindle, but honestly I just keep it in the car as a little emergency power source, and throw it in my pack for any climbing or hiking trips.

Overall rating for this product and cool up and coming company is AWESOME.

StrongVolt Solar 7


Ease Of Use











            • - Green/Red Indicator Light
            • - Grommets and Carabiners for Hanging
            • - Solid Fabric
            • - Folds Down Tight
            • - Simple Design


            • - Cord and USB Port could over time get damaged
            • - Doesn't fold completely with carabiners on it
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