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Adventure Tow Camper Rentals at Red Feather Lakes, Colorado
Adventure Tow Camper Rentals, Red Feather Lakes
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Adventure Tow, Red Feather Lakes

Adventure Tow; Red Feather Lakes Trip

My wife and I were invited to join a few friends for a fishing weekend up at Red Feather Lakes in Northern Colorado. We thought it’d be fun but since we hadn’t camped in many years, our equipment was either outdated, delapitated,  or simply lost in previous moves. Adventure Tow with the Camp Ready package was really the perfect solution. We packed some clothes and some food and that was it. Everything else was in the camper trailer… Easy!

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We really had a great time at Red Feather Lakes and the weather cooperated. The first week of June is a Colorado free fishing weekend. Of the three guys that went fishing (me Included),  one was the only real fishermen and it showed. He caught lots of fish, the rest of us, eh not so much. But we had a lot of fun. We saw a Moose on the drive in to Dowdy lake.

Red Feather Lakes, Adventure Tow, Camp Ready Package

It was a fantastic experience. Really it doesn’t get any easier than this with the Adventure Tow Camp Ready package. If we do it again, we would use our own sleeping bags. The bedding included was clean and warm but after half an evening of sleeping in close quarters, everything gets pretty twisted up. My wife and I are small people and it was tight sleeping that worked well for us. Larger people would have a tough time if two are sharing.

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